Michael Kors. Thursday, September 12, 2019 10:00 AM ET

Michael Kors Collection Spring 2020 Runway

1. Choose Embed Code Options


Embed code type

When responsive is checked, the embed will expand to fill the container it is installed in. This is nice for sites with fluid designs that adjust for tablets & mobile.

If responsive is not checked, the embed will be the exact static size in the width and height fields. We include a default width even on responsive embeds just in case.

Responsive embed codes should not be installed in a container with a static height.

2. Copy the code

The embed code can be installed well ahead of showtime as the install will display the PRE state (tune in at Xpm, etc.) until the show goes LIVE.
No code change or refresh by the user is required.

3. Paste into your site

Paste the code into your site & test it out. You will know it is installed correctly when you see the PRE state, typically an image indicating tune-in time. You will not see a video player until the actual show time. At show time the embed will flip to the video automatically with no need to change code on your end and no page refresh needed from your users.

If you have trouble with installation check out the FAQs or contact us.